Aggressive Representation For The Injured

You have a legal and civil right to expect others to act with respect toward your personal well-being. If you have suffered an injury or financial damages due to another party's negligence or misconduct, you are entitled to seek full and fair compensation in the form of financial damages for restitution.

As a personal injury litigation attorney for more than 40 years, I have seen lives destroyed because of the negligence of others. I have also helped innumerable individuals and families fight for the financial compensation they needed to put their lives back together, to the extent possible.

I am not a "personal injury lawsuit mill" that you may have seen advertised on late-night television. I am selective about the cases I handle because I believe that you have already been hurt once; you don't deserve to be hurt again by a lawyer who isn't committed to your case.

Dedicated To Excellence, Committed To Your Cause

From the moment you begin to work with my law firm, you will notice a difference. My office assistants have each been with the firm for more than 20 years. We never forget that your injury or the death of a loved one is the most important issue affecting your life right now. You will find us compassionate and, above all, dedicated to helping you recover full and fair monetary damages for your claim.

From offices in Los Angeles, I represent clients in personal injury cases in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Orange County, California.

I restrict my personal injury practice to cases involving:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Property owner negligence, including slip-and-fall premises liability claims
  • Serious dog bites and other animal attacks
  • Medical malpractice, birth injuries and surgical errors
  • Professional negligence, including lawyer malpractice
  • Litigation against negligent "third parties" in workplace accidents, but no workers' compensation
  • Wrongful death claims

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